The 9 Best Ways To Keep warm your Sunroom In Winter

If you have a sunroom in winter, chances are you’re looking for ways to keep your sunroom warm during cold months. If so, then you’ve come to the right place. With a few simple steps, you can ensure your sunroom stays cozy and comfortable all season long. From investing in appropriate window treatments to utilizing heaters, there are plenty of effective strategies for keeping your sunroom warm even when temperatures start to dip outside. Read on for some of our top tips on preparing your sunroom for colder weather, and enjoy it all year round!
Exterior Additions Warm your Sunroom In Winter

1. Circulate Warm Air

If you want to keep your sunroom toasty, then it’s important to ensure warm air is circulating throughout the space. One way to do this is by using a ceiling fan or other small fans that can help push hot air down towards the floor and outwards towards windows. Doing this will help create an even temperature in your sunroom in winter, which can make it much easier to keep warm.

2. Install Heavy Window Treatments

Your windows are the main source of heat loss from your sunroom, so investing in the right window treatments is essential for keeping warm air inside. Look for heavy curtains or shades that will effectively trap hot air against the glass. This can help reduce drafts and improve insulation, resulting in a much more comfortable sunroom environment. A three-season room requires heavier window treatments than a four-season room, so be sure to adjust according to the specific needs of your sunroom in winter. Although window tinting might affect your view slightly, it will allow the sun to heat the room without letting the solar energy escape.

3. Add an Area Rug or Thermal Curtains

Adding an area rug to your sunroom can help increase its overall warmth by creating a barrier between the cold floor and your feet. Choose a thick, plush rug that will help cushion your space and provide additional insulation for the room. Thermal curtains are another great way to insulate your sunroom and keep warm air inside. Hang a few of these in strategic spots, such as near windows or doors, for added protection against cold drafts. Either way, the fabric from window coverings or area rugs will help absorb heat from the sun and keep your sunroom warm.

4. Opt for Space Heaters

Space heaters can be a great way to add extra warmth to an area of your home. They’re inexpensive and can help take the chill off quickly. Just make sure you get one that has been certified safe for indoor use, and always follow the instructions for proper usage and safety precautions to maintain your warm solar gain. During the chilly winter months, heaters are a great way to keep your sunroom warm and inviting.

Additionally, radiant heating through a baseboard heater is an excellent option as well, but be sure to check with your local municipality first if this is an option you are considering. Radiant heat is a great way to evenly distribute heat in your sunroom in winter, but it may require additional permits or inspections.

5. Utilize the Fireplace

If your sunroom has a fireplace, then make sure to use it! It can add a cozy ambiance to the room and control the amount of heat it produces to keep your space warm and comfortable. For a boost in energy efficiency, consider adding an insert or a gas log set to your fireplace. An electric fireplace is a great choice for those who do not want the bother of gathering and storing wood. Plus, electric fireplaces are also much safer than traditional models, as they don’t require an open flame or produce smoke. A wood-burning fireplace is also effective, but make sure to use seasoned logs and maintain adequate airflow to reduce smoke in the room.

6. Install Weather Stripping

Weather stripping is a great way to help seal heated air in and cold drafts out. Make sure all your windows, doors, and other openings are properly sealed with weather stripping so that the warm air stays inside. Installing adhesive foam strips around windows is also effective for eliminating drafts. Additionally, door sweeps can be installed at the bottom of an exterior door to keep cold air out. Weatherstripping is a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to make sure your sunroom stays warm and cozy during the winter months.

7. Make Sure Your Sunroom is Well-Insulated

The more insulation you have in your sunroom, the warmer it will stay during the colder months of the year. Make sure all exterior walls and ceilings are properly insulated with rigid foam board, mineral wool, or cellulose insulation. Adding extra insulation to attic spaces can also help maintain consistent temperatures throughout the room. Additionally, be sure to caulk any cracks or gaps to prevent air leakage. Solid insulation will not only help you save money on your energy bills, but it will also keep your room warm.

8. Plant Trees Around the Sunroom In Winter

Trees are a great way to increase the amount of natural warmth in your sunroom in winter. Planting trees on the south or east side of your home will provide added protection from cold winds and direct sunlight during the summer months. Additionally, trees can redirect heat to your sunroom by acting as a natural windbreak. Not only will you be able to enjoy the beauty of nature while relaxing in your sunroom, but you’ll also get the added bonus of reduced energy costs. Learn more about the exterior remodeling of your home.

9. Install a Separate HVAC System
If you want to make sure your sunroom stays warm throughout the winter, then installing a separate HVAC system is the way to go. A mini-split system will allow you to control the temperature of your sunroom in winter separately from other rooms in your home. This type of heating and cooling system is efficient, cost-effective, and easy to install. Plus, it will provide you with complete temperature control so that you can always enjoy a comfortable and cozy space. By following these simple tips, you can turn your sunroom into a winter oasis. So what are you waiting for? Gather some blankets, install some heavy window treatments, and cozy up in your own personal paradise. And if you need help with the project, our team of experts at Exterior Additions is always here to lend a helping hand. Give us a call today and let us transform your space!

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